Modern Day Living and a Mobile Home

Not so long ago it was almost frowned upon to suggest going to live on a mobile home park, but with the current economic market this alternative form of living has turned the tables. Low maintenance low cost luxury living are just some of the terms and expressions that can describe the mobile home dwellers of this day and age.So what is the attraction? With more and more people coming onto the housing market the cost of starting out on the property ladder becomes more and more difficult. Not only have the costs gone sky high, but the privacy and castle factors have gone completely out of the window.Mobile homes or static homes as they are often now referred to have so much more to offer in terms of facilities and most come with their own little piece of land making them a much more attractive proposition than living on top of or under your neighbors with only a window box as an expression of outdoor enjoyment.Most mobile home sites are also privately owned, which means the sites themselves are more attractive than most council streets with added facilities such as on-site shops and community center, CCTV, office and a few other additions.With many mobile homes that come up for sale few have an ongoing chain, and a lot are new homes on an old or newly built plot. Most new static homes also come complete with many furnishings and appliances. Not just fixtures and fittings, but ready to go home life as soon as someone walks through the door.Cheaper heating and running costs also make mobile home dwelling a highly attractive alternative. So much so that there are companies now that will offer finance for new buys. While this side of it can still work out expensive it is still a far cheaper option than bricks and mortar.With life expectancy on some models going over eighty years and the values increasing instead of decreasing the mobile home property ladder is more and more becoming the attractive alternative.